Danielle Fauth

Email: Dfauth1@students.towson.edu



2019                  Bachelor of Fine Arts in Sculpture

Upcoming Shows

September 2019             Tri-Annual Maryland State Artist Registry Juried Show,

                                            Maryland Art Place, Baltimore, Maryland


Group and Solo Shows

2019                        Glitches and Defects, Millepiani Gallery, Rome, Italy 

                           Curated by LoosenArt

2019                  BFA Senior Exhibition, Towson University

2018                  Undergraduate Juried Exhibition, Towson University  

                          Juror: Amy Eva Raese

2017                   Undergraduate Juried Exhibition, Towson University


2017                   Storage Space Gallery, "A Look! A Place! A Feeling!

                         collaborative show with Jackie Andrews, Towson University

2016                  Undergraduate Juried Exhibition, Towson University

                          Juror: Joyce J. Scott


2015                  Storage Space Gallery, "Perpetua," Towson University

2015                  Storage Space Gallery, "Untitled/Seperation Anxiety," Towson



2019                     Sculpture Department Award, Towson University

2019                       Outstanding Student Achievement in Contemporary Sculpture,

                                International Sculpture Center Nomination

                                Nominated by Jon Lundak MFA

2016                       Art Department Scholarship Endowment, Towson University 




       Danielle Fauth is a contemporary sculptor currently working in the Towson area with a BFA in 

Sculpture from Towson University. Mentored by artists Jon Lundak and Joshua DeMonte, she has 

developed a proficiency in traditional technique including wood & metal work. Her most recent 

body of work is informed by digital fabrication and 3D printing as well as mold-making and cast-

ing processes. 

       Born and raised in Long Island, New York, her initial curiosity in what makes the home, "home,"

is explored through her recollection of the objects and happenings of her own childhood. Since 

leaving her native state, Fauth's exposure other communities, environments, and ultimately other 

narratives, provokes a fascination for anonymous memories. She understands the discarded or 

abandoned as unclaimed, physical memories. Eroded by the effects of time, their original indenti-

ties deteriorate, but become easier to imagine. 

       Through her dreamy, looming creations that provide both real and fabricated fragments of 

stories, Fauth's work deals with a variety of existential topics that question our own identities, 

relationships, and beliefs regarding how we got here and what happens after we die - and how  

much it matters.