My practice explores how disparate lives, landmarked by ordinary objects and visuals, are subliminally threaded together. Inspired by my father working in landscaping all my life, I have always regarded construction materials of interior and exterior space as worldmakers. His ability to understand the regular as special, and singular, is something I carry with me. I’m often moved by discarded personal effects I spot in the landscape - seeing them as recordkeepers. My work unpacks the typically mundane as resonant beings in a series of poetic gestures, and begins to question western modes of materialism. Through processes including moldmaking & casting, installation, object interventions, & digital fabrication, I form a dialogue around alternate timescales and landscapes spanning geological, material, & psychological. 

My most recent writing is a series of poems written between 2019 & 2022. It is an introspection into complex family dynamics and how a sense of place influenced my perception of them. Each one discovers a personal account of a textured emotional terrain that rose to the surface of a monotonous suburban landscape during the time collapse of strict quarantining in 2020. They begin in observable reality and gradually travel to abstract, dreamlike spaces. There, physical and emotional landscapes blend and echo one another, conjured by suppressed memories and dreams. They draw on experiences of codependency, familial guilt, boredom, loneliness, ephemerality, and love.